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Travel Agency

ESTABLISHING A TRAVEL AGENCY Statistics has consistently shown that Nigerians are the most internationally travelled people in sub-Sahara Africa. The class of international travellers are made up of different category of people. These include the business travellers, religious devotees on pilgrimage, international emigrants, adventure seekers, people on guided tours, tourists, etc. Research also indicates that […]
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Tissue Paper Manufacturing

SETTING UP A TISSUE PAPER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS Business Overview Nigeria’s struggle with economic development, unemployment, and various setbacks stem, partly, from its slow move towards a well-diverse economy. Since the public sector has failed in that regard, the responsibility falls in the hands of the local entrepreneurs to create the wealth that will grow the […]
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Setting Up A Printing Press

SETTING UP A PRINTING PRESS COMPANY Business Overview The printing industry has evolved over time resulting in modern printing technologies. The primary aim of the printing is to convey a client’s (businesses, organizations, government, individual etc.) message to its target audience on some form of published material, whether it is a business card, magazine, book, […]
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Plastic Recycling Plant

Plastic Recycling Plant Business Overview With increased urbanization and industrialization, and the recent substitution of organic / or synthetic materials, waste management has become an enigma, causing nightmares to State and Local Governments in the country. For instance, in Lagos metropolis, the waste generated daily is estimated to be 1500 tonnes.   Fortunately, however, some […]
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Investment Profiles Palm Oil Processing

SETTING UP A PALM OIL PROCESSING BUSINESS Business Overview Why Start a Palm Oil Processing Plant? Palm oil processing business has suddenly become a money-spinner. If you live in Nigeria and are looking towards starting a business, one profitable and viable business that you can start either on a small scale or large scale is […]
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Investment Profiles Groundnut Oil Processing

SETTING UP A GROUNDNUT OIL MANUFACTURING BUSINESS Market Prospects Groundnut oil production business in Nigeria is a very profitable project with huge export potential. Besides, the government of Nigeria has been very supportive of the edible oil production projects in recent years. In order to seize this chance, you can also firstly initiate the groundnut […]
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Feedmill Manufacturing Investment Plan

SETTING UP A LIVESTOCK FEED MILLING BUSINESS Business Overview Feed milling business is a growth enterprise in Nigeria. The Country feed mills produce feed for mostly poultry (chicken, turkey, ducks, guinea fouls and quails, etc.). Other classes of livestock that rely on the feeds produced by feed milling enterprise are pigs, fishes, rabbits, goats, cattle, […]
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Building Telecoms Service Quality for Brand Loyalty

By Jeremiah Iyamabo, Grace Ndukwe Building Telecoms Service Quality for Brand Loyalty   Abstract Service firms dependent on high technological infrastructure operate within a different service context from typical professional service firms. As a result, there is a tendency for such service firms to deviate from the existing (customer-centric) schools of service quality definition and […]
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Economic Crossroads

Okezie, C. A.1 * and Amir, Baharuddin H.2 1Department of Agricultural Economics, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria. 2School of Social Sciences, University Sains Malaysia, Pinang, Malaysia. Economic crossroads: The experiences of Nigeria and lessons from Malaysia Nigeria has the potential to become Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economy and a major player in the global […]
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The Challenges of Risk Management in Nigeria

Ntiedo J. Umoren, University of Uyo Essien E. Akpanuko, University of Uyo Sunday S. Akpan, University of Uyo . ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: EVIDENCE FROM NIGERIA Abstract This study examined the extent to which entrepreneurship education has impacted the development of the Nigerian economy over a ten year period (2004 2013). This is at […]
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