Plastic Recycling Plant

Plastic Recycling Plant

Business Overview

With increased urbanization and industrialization, and the recent substitution of organic / or synthetic materials, waste management has become an enigma, causing nightmares to State and Local Governments in the country. For instance, in Lagos metropolis, the waste generated daily is estimated to be 1500 tonnes.


Fortunately, however, some vital wastes like plastics containers, polythene bags, Aluminium and iron scraps that can be easily recycled to produce valuable raw materials for our industries constitute major proportion of the urban wastes in Nigeria.


It is in the light of this that waste plastic recycling project becomes an invaluable project. Waste conversion such as this is like making something valuable out of nothing. The project has a unique advantage of low-cost raw materials.


The likely products that can be produced from this project include shopping bags containers for hair and body creams, pomades, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverages, and all forms of liquid (Water, Petrol, etc). All these can be produced in various sizes and shapes matching a customer’s unique designs and specifications. The mould could be a general-purpose or a customized one.


Market Prospects

There is a wide unsaturated market for plastic derivatives and the demand grows tremendously by the day.


Estimated Start-Up Cost:-                   N16.0 million – N19.5 million    

Potential Profit:-                                  N17,475,250.00 or more

Typical Fees/ Prices:-                         N200,000.00 per tonnes

Advertising Options:-                          Handbills distribution,, one-on-one sales/marketing, sales representatives.

Qualifications:-                                    Experience in plastic recycling operations, marketing and selling skills.

Facilities/ Equipment Needed: –        To start a profitable plastic recycling plant, you need some top-notch pieces of equipment, imported or fabricated in Nigeria. They include: breakers, plastic shredders, granulators, separators, a pre-washing system, a rising system and dryers


Staff Required:-                                   CEO / Operation Manager, Operation Officer 1, Marketer / Driver 1.

This profile, or any similar one, can be developed into a bankable proposal for any interested investor. For further clarification,  contact our offices at the address stated below.


By Thomas Tayo Oyewole

He works with Michael Stevens Consulting (MSC).

MSC is an Accredited Bank of Industry (BOI) Services Provider (BDSP)

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