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Organizational Restructuring

ORGANISATIONAL RESTRUCTURING Restructuring could mean different things to different people. But for us, restructuring your organisation should be value driven and the benefits intended must be clearly stated and realised. As part of our business advisory offerings, we assist organisations to redirect and reposition their structures, procedures, processes and people for improved efficiency and realization […]
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Business Planning & Feasibility Evaluation

BUSINESS PLANNING & FEASIBILITY EVALUATION In today’s business world, competition is fiercer and the risks are higher. Nonetheless, proper evaluation of investment opportunities using professional techniques and approach goes a long way in determining, first whether to undertake such investment(s), and second. the success of the investment if undertaken. Our extensive understanding of the business […]
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Project Management

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Easy as it may sound, managing a project effectively is quite a daunting endeavour. To control the project elements of cost, time and quality requires special skills and expertise. This is the advantage we bring to bear when we assist organisations manage their projects. We have highly certified and experienced project management professionals. […]
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Tax Management & Advisory

TAX MANAGEMENT & ADVISORY Paying the right taxes and at the right time shouldn’t be a burden. We understand the laws, we are at home with the procedures and we are able to provide top-notch services for you to optimally fulfill this civic responsibility without hurt or hassles. We simply help you to plan your […]
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Strategy Planning & Implementation

STRATEGY PLANNING & IMPLEMENTATION Staying ahead of the competition is inevitably a constant goal of any enterprise. However, attaining a competitive edge always requires being pro-active in developing a course of action that would achieve that. That’s why at Michael Stevens, we’ve over the years developed capabilities in helping organization to craft appropriate strategies that […]
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Strategic Research & Market Intelligence

STRATEGIC RESEARCH & MARKET INTELLIGENCE Do you plan to invest in any part of Nigeria or any West African country? Is your intent in specific markets or sectors? Talk to us to conduct an extensive and penetrating strategic market research and intelligence survey, so you can have a well rounded and more robust premise for […]
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