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Michael Sevens

Business Advisory.

Business Advisory We are a leading Business Development Services provider in Nigeria. Our business advisory services are tailored towards guiding our clients to achieve sustainable success. From strategy development to process and financial optimization, our specialist guidance enables our clients overcome complex business challenges and pilot them to gain competitive advantage. Organizational Restructuring Organizational Restructuring […]
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HR Consulting

HR Consulting.

HR Consulting Michael Stevens HR Consulting services are set up to assist organisations efficiently address all people and organisational management issues. We are a leading Human Resources Consulting business with only one major aim – to make people and organizations more efficient. People Assessment Tools People Assessment Tools + Organization Assessment Tools Organization Assessment Tools […]
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Outsourcing Our outsourcing expertise enables our clients to focus on their core business processes while we take care of the non- We have over time grown to be the leading outsourcing firm in Nigeria with strong presence and impact in the banking, manufacturing, insurance and telecommunications sectors. Business Processes Automation Business Processes Automation + Business […]
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Our Recruitment Process We provide excellent and value-adding recruitment services. We take the burden of searching, sifting and selecting the right candidates off our clients. With our pool of highly trained and specialized professionals, we are able to recruit the best of candidates at the shortest of notice. We find the right fit at the […]
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Classroom Training


Training Imparting knowledge and developing people is our culture. For us, it’s not just about the training; it is more about the impact the learning has on the trained and how much she/he impacts the organisation. Having trained thousands of business executives over the past three decades, we are well positioned as a leading and […]
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