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In today’s world, the success of a business largely depends on the efficiency within its business processes and a suitably adept management to match. Therefore, automating business processes has become an in-thing for the purpose of greater efficiency. However, the what-to-do, the how-to-do and the tools to use to achieve desired objectives often elude many managers and organisations. For the benefits of process automation to be well realised, selection of a good software must first occur and the right consultants must be engaged for effective and responsive support. 

Michael Stevens Consulting has partnered with the leading process automation software in the world – Kissflow  to assist organisations seamlessly and easily automate even the most complex business processes in a fast and easy way. Business process automation has never been this easy. With just four steps, your business process are automated and activated without any form of coding.

  • Build a form
  • Design a workflow
  • Configure settings
  • Go live

It is that easy with Kissflow  and our team of business processes optimization consultants.

What we’ll do:

We’ll help you properly map out your current processes, juxtapose them with best-in-industry and global best practices, tailor to your direct (current and future) needs and optimize for improved productivity and efficiency.

Using Kissflow as the automation tool, you have the dual advantage of best of softwares and the skills and experience of tested process consultants. From fledgling startups to massive Bluechips, our tools, skills and methodology will help to be visibly more efficient.

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