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Organizational DevelopmentIn partnership with our international partner, Self-Management Group Canada, we have developed capabilities aided by tools to assist client organisations evaluate their effectiveness and predictable future performances through the use of Organisational Effectiveness Survey and Corporate Vital signs tools designed to help organizations reach greater levels of organizational effectiveness and productivity.

Self-Management Group ( is a world leader in Talent Management Solutions – Sourcing, Screening, Selecting, Developing and Retaining Top Performers for over 40 years. 

The features and benefits of these tools are highlighted below:


Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OEs)

 The organizational effectiveness survey is a survey designed to help executives and leaders of organizations evaluate how well their department or organization is doing. This diagnostic tool is very cost-effective, easily customized and its result easy to interpret and implement. Developed by our associates with decades of business experience, this web-enabled tool helps focus on corporate strengths and identifies growth and opportunities.

The OES measures the following:


Organization culture


Working environment,

Information Technology.

Quality of labor force

Performance Management

Training and Development

Employee self-Worth



Stability of Organization

Quality of Customer Service

Product Quality,


Quality of Management

Premises and Facilities

Career Opportunities

Compensation/Earning Potential


 The outcome of OES is a web generated report which provides comprehensive feedback on each of these variables with detailed recommendations on how to proceed to effect improvements.

Corporate Vital Signs

Corporate Vital Signs tool is a web-enabled diagnostic tool that assesses and benchmarks those cooperate indices known to predict future corporate performance, revenue growth and profitability.

This product provides current-state feedback to corporate decision-makers, focused by vital signs indices and broken down to corporate levels, divisions, and key staff groups as defined by those corporate indices.

It focuses on decision making on those human resources training or organization effectiveness initiatives to best complement the company’s existing strengths. Provide action recommendations to each employee from our confidential online profitability index to those personalized steps which will yield the best win-win-result.

Some of the indices measured by this product are:

Work Engagement

Work Environment

Personal Vitality

Life Style Vitality

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