Organizational Development


Organizational DevelopmentWith the level of exponential developments in the business world – technology, management systems, information and processes – even the best of systems and processes get tested to the limits. So, roadblocks and other problems may arise within a business’ organisations and the components.

Our organisational development service helps to identify potential roadblocks and other problems in the organizational structures to transform cultures and in effect increase performance. In doing this, we align the business’ updated strategy with the processes and people.

What we do:

Diagnosis: We identify problems that could interfere with organizational effectiveness.  This step involves examining an organization’s:

  1. Mission
  2. Goals
  3. Policies
  4. Structures and technologies
  5. Climate and culture
  6. Environmental factors
  7. Desired outcomes

Create Actionable Strategy: We create an actionable strategy to address the problems diagnosed.

Intervene: Implement the strategy developed; monitoring progress and adjusting accordingly.

Evaluation & Continuous Improvement: At this stage, we track the impact of the changes by gathering and analyzing relevant data and improving on the gains made

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