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As part of our recruitment processes or as a stand-alone, we offer Personality Testing Tools to enable organisations properly assess the personalities of job candidates or existing staff within their fold. Our online Psychometric Assessment is a Predictor of Potential (POP) tool developed by our international partner, Self-Management Group, Canada , a world leader in screening, selecting, developing and retaining top performers.  

The tools include:

MANAGEMENT POP: The MANAGEMENT POP™ is a selection and coaching tool designed specifically to predict management potential and help organizations develop and retain top performing managers. The MANAGEMENT POP™ measures a wide variety of competencies such as self-management, results orientation, coaching style, communication style, self-confidence, managing stress and performance management.  It also assesses and reports on emotional quotient which is an important element in managing people. The benefits include:

  • ✓ Identify high potential managers
  • ✓ Predict management retention and performance
  • ✓ Identify performance management and coaching style
  • ✓ Provides coaching and development strategies
  • ✓ Provides feedback on matching to mentors, peers and staff
  • ✓ Separate manager and candidate feedback reports

ADMIN POP: The ADMIN POP™ is a selection and coaching tool specifically designed to help select all levels of administration personnel and associates.  It can be used on a variety of positions including: Associate Agents, Marketing Assistants, Administrative Professional and partners. The ADMIN POP™ will help select people who are well matched to a specific culture based on their approach to teamwork, their sales and service orientation, their attitudes and other factors that are essential in these roles. The benefits include:

  • ✓ Improves performance and retention
  • ✓ Identifies candidates that will match a specific management style and Organizational culture
  • ✓ Uses science to build high performing support teams
  • ✓ Includes coaching and developmental suggestions

PROFESSIONAL POP: The PROFESSIONAL POP™ is a normative psychometric assessment tool designed to help select and retain all types of professionals including accountants, actuaries, advisors, analysts, architects, engineers, healthcare professionals and lawyers. The PROFESSIONAL POP™ predicts high level performance whether the candidates consult with individuals or provide enterprise solutions. It is an excellent component to the selection process and succession planning system.

The Benefits Include:

  • ✓ Consulting and leadership styles
  • ✓ Approach to motivating self and others
  • ✓ Decision making, goal setting and approach to feedback
  • ✓ Emotional awareness of self and others (Emotional Intelligence)
  • ✓ Success factors such as self-management, Motivation, comfort with conflict, confidence and lifestyle management

SERVICES POP: The SERVICE POP™ is designed to help select and train top performing service professionals who will be effective in building a profitable service organization and repeat business. It assesses key characteristics such as approach to service, decision making, attitude and approach to structure as well as other factors that are important to a specific organization and service culture. The SERVICE POP™ has been used successfully in a variety of service roles such as Call Centers, Help Desks, Retail and Customer Service Kiosks.

The benefits include:

  • ✓ Helps to recruit and select high potential for all service roles
  • ✓ Can be customized and validated for specific cultures
  • ✓ Identifies strengths and growth opportunities of the candidate
  • ✓ Provides interview questions as well as coaching and development suggestions
  • ✓ Provides self-coaching feedback to the candidate.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY POP: The ITPOP™ is a selection and retention tool that identifies inherent personal strengths and aptitudes that will help individuals become more effective and productive in IT cultures. It has been designed to identify key characteristics of individuals being considered for a variety of IT positions such as project manager, developer, maintenance, etc. By identifying and understanding strengths as well as growth opportunities, recruiters and managers are able to select and retain high potential candidates and proactively select future leaders to ensure an effective succession plan.

The benefits include:

  • ✓ Identify information technology success DNA
  • ✓ Predict performance and retention
  • ✓ Match individuals more effectively to projects and teams
  • ✓ Separate feedback and coaching reports for managers and candidates

SALES POP: The  SALESPOP™  is  a  psychometric  assessment  tool  designed  to  fill  the  essential  role  of integrating  science  into  recruiting,  selection  and  development  of  effective  sales  people.  The SALESPOP™  assesses  the  potential  for  business  development,  motivational  structure, organizational  fit,  people  orientation,  approach  to  learning  needs,  communications  style, confidence,  managing  call  reluctance  and  many  other  key  factors  that  are  common  traits  in successful sales people.  

The benefits include:

  • Predicts sales performance
  • Measures key source traits associated with success in sales
  • Provides coaching insights to improve development and retention
  • Highlights training needs
  • Provides useful career management feedback to candidate

Is statistically validated using each organization’s unique performance criteria

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